Crowley’s Pets


Try to concentrate and place their actual voices in your head

Dean: (in his usual angry self) This is all your fault, Sammy! That Crowley’s ass turned us into animals!

Sam: (using his signature puppy eyes) No, Dean. He tricked me. I was just trying to buy you some pie :<

Castiel: (in his smexy angelic voice) DEAN. Listen to Sam. Besides, I like how I look now.


A little something I made ’cause I’m excited for season 10.

For those who don’t know, Crowley likes to assign nicknames. He calls Sam and Dean, Moose and Squirrel respectively.


I remember him calling Castiel a giraffe, I wonder why I see him as a cat/kitten on most fanarts?


Care to enlighten me? 🙂


My October is going to be hell-a fun




is not about birthday candles,
it’s about blood and all things macabre.

This month is going to be VERY thrilling >:)

‪October season premieres:

SPN: Oct 7

AHS: Oct 8

TWD: Oct 12


I love these shows so much, especially Misha, err I mean Supernatural :))

I remember telling these three were my favorites, and the response I got (more than once) was: “Oh so you like dark themes and gore”

BUT THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND! (co-fans join me here!) it’s not just about the blood squirting and the guts spilling..

It’s actually about the ill-fated characters. How they struggle as individuals, cope with the everyday terror, find love coming from tragedy, help and sacrifice for each other, evolve as strong human beings (or supernatural beings) and eventually triumph– then get squished again.


THESE SHOWS ARE ACTUALLY ABOUT LOVE!! amirite??? (Yes, I am! I’m always right)


Mouhahaha.. (evil laugh slowly fades)