We seek fresh air

Ramen sa bisperas ng biyaheng Baguio


Adore by Cashmere Cat featuring Ariana Grande


Them juicy berries. Baguio trip is not complete without these sweeties.


International street food at the Baguio Night Market





Set of Swings

swing by irishwendy

Sit down with me, and let’s talk about nonsense or deep things, your choice.

Let’s swing back and forth to points in our lives.

Sometimes a “good ride” doesn’t mean going out of town in a fast car, but just riding the swing at your backyard.



(photo by me, do not steal!)

Wandering Wendy

my bitch

My bike is my most favorite thing in my life right now.

It gives me this simple yet effective therapy that works so well for someone like me.

I just keep on moving forward, that I tend to lose track of the time. I just follow whatever path welcomes me and I don’t care if I get lost.

Sometimes I sing out loud to T.S. songs, and sometimes I drown myself in thoughts (but not too much that it would cause an accident).

Whenever I’m faced with two or more pathways, I go for the more mysterious, more interesting one. It may end up in a dead-end, or lead to a discovery.

But one thing is constant, I always arrive at home learning something new. 🙂