Top 10 Awesome Mind-fucking Movies

**edited 5/27/15**

This is a list of movies with mind-fucking twists and would take your brains out for some exercise.

Because all of you have seen Inception already, I will not include it on the list.

Disclaimer: These are MY personal favorites, so sorry if some you know did not make it (although I am very much interested to know, so hope you can comment below and suggest other movies!). Of course I haven’t seen every movie released on earth but so far, here is how I would rank the ones I’ve seen based on how they got me hooked. Some would argue, that number 5 should be 1 etc., but we all have different tastes.

I now present to you my proud list, starting from 10-1 (plus others that could’ve made it to the list)

10. Mindhunters


A group of highly-intelligent aspiring profilers were sent to an isolated island to prove their worth. However, things get messed up when they realized this isn’t just some test anymore and one of them got killed for real.

9. The Oxford Murders


Frodo somehow managed to get into graduate school It stars Elijah Wood as Martin, a student who greatly admires Arthur Seldom (played by John Hurt), a renowned professor, and is eager to make him his thesis mentor. Brains. Brains. Brains. Walking home with Arthur, they discovered that the old lady who accommodated Martin at the University of Oxford got killed. Then a series of “Oxford Murders” followed. The culprit always leaves behind clues, seemingly wanting to test Martin’s wits.

8. Se7en


Pitt and Freeman are detectives out to catch a serial killer who’s convinced that he is doing the right thing. The problem is, he might just be the smartest serial killer out there who enjoys toying with the detectives. The cool thing about this movie is that the ending is open to various interpretations… I like those kinds!

7. The Departed


So in this movie you pick whether you’ll side with Leonardo DiCaprio or Matt Damon, and you can’t blame me for going back and forth once in awhile. So it’s simply the police vs. the mob, and both Leo and Damon are spies from each side.

6. The Usual Suspects


I really do not want to describe this movie because I do not want to spoil anyone. But it’s basically a long man-hunt for a certain suspect with a quirky twist at the end of the movie.

5. Triangle


It’s the vacation of your life and there is a killer out there. I know what you’re thinking, how this plot has been used too many times. But this one happens in a mid-sized boat, creepy how little your area to run and hide is… and you can’t actually flee because, ocean. In this movie, you need to be wary of every detail, and I mean EVERY. Clues are actually everywhere and you need to spot them out. How the events are unfolding in front of you is certainly deliciously crafted. (This actually needs to be in number 3 because of how I loved it so much…)

4. The Recruit


Similar to Mindhunters, this film is about bright students trying to get into CIA. They believe everything that they are experiencing is just a part of the test, but how far really are you willing to go just to pass? Twist over there, and oops twist over here, making you stumble on your way every now and then.

3, The Prestige


The movie that put Now You See Me into shame, the prestigious The Prestige. God, this movie should be top of the list if only the other two weren’t my personal favorites. So it’s a film about two rival magicians outwitting each other with a performance beating the other one’s last. They become so addicted into crushing each other that they go into lengths one cannot imagine.

2. Phone booth


Imagine walking on a busy street, then a phone from a phone booth nearby suddenly rings, so it got you curious and you answered it… which was the worst decision and biggest regret of your life, because once you answered the call, you can no longer get out of the phone booth alive. (Sorry for the run-on sentence)

And the winner is…

1. Exam


I cannot put into words how much I love this movie. I am in-love with Luke Mably because of this film. Brilliant and top-picked candidates all over the world are applying for the high-paying job in a well-known, well-established company and they take the company’s exam together in one room. It’s supposed to be just a peaceful examination, but the applicants start to panic and become disoriented because there’s one major problem: they do not know what to answer.

Other movies that are still amazingly awesome but didn’t get to the top 10 (you should definitely try them as well):

Shutter Island

The Illusionist

Double Jeopardy

Memento Mori

The Shawshank Redemption

Murder by Numbers


Flight Plan AND Non-stop (If you watched one you need to watch the other one!)

Feel free to express your comments regarding the list below, and other movie suggestions as well 🙂



Non-Stop vs. Flightplan

*MAY contain spoilers*

As I was watching Liam Neeson in Non-Stop, I can’t help but compare it to a similar film from the early 2000’s, Flightplan.

They are both about plane trouble, handling panic, and having no idea who the culprit is. (The last-mentioned being my favorite theme in a movie.)

Yes, they are both thrilling. I am actually not sure which of the two has given me greater agitation. Both would make you yell, “What the hell’s happening?!” while watching. Of course, every detail is important in finding out the truth. (Bham! another theme I look for in films.)


Non-Stop is about Liam Neeson an officer (air marshal, they say) assigned to ensure the security of the passengers. He needs to be kept hidden so he can observe suspicious activities. But of course, being just a normal person like everyone else, he makes mistakes. Probably a series of mistakes, WHICH is not a negative thing because I am actually in favor of “imperfect heroes”; it’s better to watch how a person would redeem himself rather than some all-knowing, superficial, too-good-to-be-true lead.


Flightplan (2005) is about a mother. She rides the plane with her daughter who suddenly and mysteriously disappears. Everyone kept telling her they did not see a child with her. Is she demented? We don’t know, but she happened to be an aircraft engineer who knows her way with planes. Enter a friendly detective riding on the same plane willing to help her out. As they continue to search for her allegedly missing daughter, we continue to be in disarray if they are really looking for something.

SPOILER ALERT!! (scroll down if you dare)




Both leads are going to be framed for plane hijacking. Everyone would start doubting them, even themselves.

Who’s the real culprit? We all won’t know until the end of both films. So it’s quite fun to point fingers and accuse along with the passengers, as if you are part of the movie.

They are both magnificent and well-written films. Which one do I prefer? I guess I would have to give this one to Jodie Foster Flightplan because they really had me convinced she was just hallucinating! Plus Ned Stark as your pilot would be totally cool.

I wonder how plane passengers would feel if these films are shown during actual flights.

Then again if I were them, I’d rather watch a mother or an officer going nuts rather than knowing that your pilot is a drunk alcoholic: Denzel Washington in Flight, also a good movie about plane flight.

How about you? Which do you think is a better film? Non-Stop or Flightplan? 🙂 (Or perhaps you prefer Flight?)