Sometimes, I try.


Empire State


Almost Love


Paint Pieces

I went to a milktea place, THEOLLY’S in Marikina, for some serious me-time.

I bought watercolor, sketchpad, and sign pen, in addition to my pencil and eraser for the artsy materials.

Let the pretending begin!


This is the work-in-progress. 🙂 I am not really up to drawing something serious, or probably I am just not that capable. :))


“Chos.” to ruin the cheesy scenario. 😀 Haha! at dahil walang forever loljk!


by Irish Wendy

Crowley’s Pets


Try to concentrate and place their actual voices in your head

Dean: (in his usual angry self) This is all your fault, Sammy! That Crowley’s ass turned us into animals!

Sam: (using his signature puppy eyes) No, Dean. He tricked me. I was just trying to buy you some pie :<

Castiel: (in his smexy angelic voice) DEAN. Listen to Sam. Besides, I like how I look now.


A little something I made ’cause I’m excited for season 10.

For those who don’t know, Crowley likes to assign nicknames. He calls Sam and Dean, Moose and Squirrel respectively.


I remember him calling Castiel a giraffe, I wonder why I see him as a cat/kitten on most fanarts?


Care to enlighten me? 🙂