Non-Stop vs. Flightplan

*MAY contain spoilers*

As I was watching Liam Neeson in Non-Stop, I can’t help but compare it to a similar film from the early 2000’s, Flightplan.

They are both about plane trouble, handling panic, and having no idea who the culprit is. (The last-mentioned being my favorite theme in a movie.)

Yes, they are both thrilling. I am actually not sure which of the two has given me greater agitation. Both would make you yell, “What the hell’s happening?!” while watching. Of course, every detail is important in finding out the truth. (Bham! another theme I look for in films.)


Non-Stop is about Liam Neeson an officer (air marshal, they say) assigned to ensure the security of the passengers. He needs to be kept hidden so he can observe suspicious activities. But of course, being just a normal person like everyone else, he makes mistakes. Probably a series of mistakes, WHICH is not a negative thing because I am actually in favor of “imperfect heroes”; it’s better to watch how a person would redeem himself rather than some all-knowing, superficial, too-good-to-be-true lead.


Flightplan (2005) is about a mother. She rides the plane with her daughter who suddenly and mysteriously disappears. Everyone kept telling her they did not see a child with her. Is she demented? We don’t know, but she happened to be an aircraft engineer who knows her way with planes. Enter a friendly detective riding on the same plane willing to help her out. As they continue to search for her allegedly missing daughter, we continue to be in disarray if they are really looking for something.

SPOILER ALERT!! (scroll down if you dare)




Both leads are going to be framed for plane hijacking. Everyone would start doubting them, even themselves.

Who’s the real culprit? We all won’t know until the end of both films. So it’s quite fun to point fingers and accuse along with the passengers, as if you are part of the movie.

They are both magnificent and well-written films. Which one do I prefer? I guess I would have to give this one to Jodie Foster Flightplan because they really had me convinced she was just hallucinating! Plus Ned Stark as your pilot would be totally cool.

I wonder how plane passengers would feel if these films are shown during actual flights.

Then again if I were them, I’d rather watch a mother or an officer going nuts rather than knowing that your pilot is a drunk alcoholic: Denzel Washington in Flight, also a good movie about plane flight.

How about you? Which do you think is a better film? Non-Stop or Flightplan? 🙂 (Or perhaps you prefer Flight?)


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