Scratches and Sketches

I miss breaking the pencil lead countless times, and the gratifying mess from erasing ruthlessly.
Hell, I miss the liberty I feel when creating.
(Photo taken 2 years ago)


My bucket list:

I want to wear a Yukata.

I want to wear a Seifuku.

I want to experience Hanami or viewing of cherry blossoms.

I want to experience Tanabata or hanging my wish on a bamboo tree.

I want to go to a summer festival wearing a Yukata.

I want to eat candy apple, catch a goldfish, wear a Kitsune mask, and watch Hanabi or fireworks in that summer festival.

I want to experience an Onsen or hot spring.

I want to hit watermelons on the beach and eat them afterwards.

I want to experience the things I’ve seen on anime shows. 😦

*sigh* I’ll never get tired of going back to Japan.